Individual Therapy

"We repeat what we don't repair"

stafford counselor

Do you have goals and dreams that feel a little out of reach? Do you feel run-down or overwhelmed?

Although things are going relatively well, you might feel like you need some support, clarity, and direction. Perhaps you feel stuck and you just need a little push in order to realize your full potential.

Now, picture having a place to go to explore the very things that are holding you back, and unblocking them.


When working with individuals in Stafford, Virginia, I help them to explore those very things. Together we will discover creative, innovative, and clever ways to break down barriers, busting through obstacles, and getting unstuck so you can take intuitive action and fulfill the things that matter to you the most! Although I am a trained and licensed professional counselor, I offer to you an approach using Art Therapy and Neurofeedback that will give you a unique experience of expressing yourself, help you make new choices, become more efficient in your decision making and bring more balance to your life.


If you can relate to any of the scenarios mentioned above and feel committed to making a change in your life, call me so we can chat about the goals that matter most to you, 703.995.9893. You deserve it!