Calm.com: Why Stafford Holistic Counseling loves this app and you should too.

I started to use this app around three years ago. I wanted to have my residents in juvenile detention learn and practice daily mindfulness and knew that sometimes, the message just needs to come from someone else. The majority of the kids actually really liked the app and mindfulness time. They said that it was often the only quiet time in their whole day, you wouldn’t believe how loud it is in jail! Residents often had little to no access to nature so they also really enjoyed the imagery of the backgrounds and the relaxing sounds behind the meditative message.

Personally, I still use the app at nighttime to relax and fall asleep. I like the sleep stories, they make me feel like a little kid being read a bedtime story. I also use the progressive relaxation meditations to help quiet my mind and fall asleep within a healthy amount of time. Lately, I have been experimenting with using some of the other meditations while during neurofeedback. I am curious to see if it enhances the possibility of me more deeply internalizing the message to change behaviors that I am working on.

If you have the ability to use this really great app I would highly recommend it. It’s a small investment that has some big pay offs for your mental health. Just make sure you stick with it!

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Emilie Ferran