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Stafford Neurofeedback

NeurOptimal brain training is the passive, non-invasive way to overcome life’s challenges.

NeurOptimal is an advanced dynamic neurofeedback system that works with your brain in real time, quickly and safely delivering impressive results. You will sleep better, focus on task more easily and have a greater sense of calm as you handle life’s daily frustrations.

How you brain learns to retrain itself:

When the sensors in the NeurOptimal system detect turbulence in your brain activity, a trigger, which sounds like a skip in the music, is immediately employed which gives your brain an opportunity to make an adjustment and change course. This is how your brain learns to retrain itself and communicate with your mind and body, adjusting itself to reach your optimal level of functioning.


One hour session: $80

Active and Veteran Military (with ID and does not include family members): $70 per one hour session

I offer a package of 10 pre-paid neurofeedback sessions at a %20 reduced fee making it feasible for additional weekly training’s and also allowing for more than one family member to benefit from neurofeedback.

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People describe feeling “calmer and more relaxed.”

Many clients report feeling better immediately after the session, an effect that can last from a day up to a week. These effects are cumulative, with each session you will notice improvements, including some you may have never imagined possible. You will feel more stable, more resilient, more mentally focused and flexible. Not only that, you will will feel the benefits much faster than you might with traditional talk therapy. That’s because NeurOptimal uses real-time data to determine the best frequency for you every second of your journey.

NeurOptimal® Explainer Video -

In this video, you will learn what happens in a neurofeedback session, what they look like, and what to expect.

How does it work?

The NeurOptimal® proprietary neurofeedback system is a highly personalized brain training  software that prompts the central nervous system to help make the best use of your brain’s neural resources.

Neurofeedback training for the brain is similar to physical training for the body. Much of our suffering comes from pervasive recurring thoughts and feelings in which our minds become emotionally stranded or cognitively “stuck”. Neurofeedback prompts the brain to draw from its existing resources and pull itself out of these mental “ruts”. The result is a more open and positive mindset in which obstacles are more manageable and problems more resolvable.

Much like a mirror that promotes self-correction, NeurOptimal®’s proprietary neurofeedback program monitors your brain waves and then provides “feedback” to your central nervous system about what it has just done. When the software detects a tremor in your brain wave pattern, it sends an audible signal that encourages the brain to “reset” and self-correct.

How is NeurOptimal® different from other systems?

There are a few key factors that distinguish NeurOptimal® from other neurofeedback systems:

1. NeurOptimal® is effective because it is designed to work best with your individual brain.

It does not attempt to “fix” predetermined conditions or pin down specific problems. This was a limitation in many earlier neurofeedback systems. Often, resolving one problem in one area could cause problems elsewhere. The heart of the NeurOptimal® system -Dynamical Neurofeedback®- is a proprietary technology based in neuroscience and specifically designed with the naturally non-linear function of the human brain in mind. NeurOptimal® is built to harness the incredibly dynamic nature of your brain in a way other systems simply cannot match. As a result, this neurofeedback system can be used effectively to address a wide array of complaints without specifically “targeting” them from the outset of the training.

2. NeurOptimal® neurofeedback is extremely safe.

Research shows your own brain “knows best” and therefore the NeurOptimal® brain training system does not force or “push” the brain in any one direction. Basically, Dynamical Neurofeedback® provides your brain with the information it needs to correct itself and function at its most optimal. NeurOptimal® simply enables your own brain’s natural process of self-correction.

3. NeurOptimal® requires no effort on the user’s part.

Some brain training systems require the user to “interact” by playing games or solve puzzles during sessions. This additional level of interaction is unnecessary with the NeurOptimal® neurofeedback system. During a training session, you can simply relax and enjoy!